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The Carter Center – 2017 Human Rights Defenders Forum

50 – 33 – 10

This is a 50 minute video worthwhile watching. However, if you do not have the time, listen to the first 33 minutes, and if that is still too long, watch the first 10 minutes.

Through the Lens of Disparities

Each year we choose an overarching theme for our seminars which can work like a magnifying glass to organize the diverse and often confusing aspects of what constitutes the experience of a globalizing world.

In 2016, the overarching theme of our programs was the refugee situation in Europe. The Focus in 2017 will shift to the Topic of DISPARITY in its many dimensions – whether it relates to wealth and poverty, race or ethnicity, education, health, gender, political representation, or general access to resources.

Etymologically, the term disparity invokes the condition of in-equality and, by extension, of imbalance, gap, divergence, even injustice. An important factor of global citizenship is the deliberate effort to become aware of these inequalities, to understand who gets the shorter end of the stick, and why, and to ask the question if and how we may be part of the problem. Disparities are not an evil in and by themselves, but they pose the question of recognizing that there can be breaking points and turning points, crossroads and collisions.

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