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Yad Vashem award ‘Righteous among the Nations’ posthumously awarded to Catharina Johanna Koolhaas Revers-de Wit

Catharina Johanna Koolhaas Revers-de Wit, better known to Global Citizenship Alliance student alumni as Tante Toos, is finally recognized for her moral courage that saved the lives of fellow Jewish citizens in Amsterdam during the Second World War. Her memory lives on in our program in which Hedy and Peter Rose have been participating as teaching faculty for many years and which afforded a countless number of students the opportunity and privilege to listen to Hedy’s story as a survivor of the Holocaust and be moved and inspired by it. The shining example of humaneness and courage that Mrs. Koolhaas Revers-de Wit set in the face of evil and cruelty will not be forgotten and we are very pleased indeed that she has now been acknowledged as one of the ‘Righteous among the Nations’ by the State of Israel.





Catharina Johanna Koolhaas Revers-de Wit


                          Hedy Rose with student Ranin Ali, GCS14, 2018

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