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GCA Team

Jochen_newJochen Fried – President / CEO

Prior to assuming this position, Jochen was Director of Education at Salzburg Global Seminar, where he was responsible for developing and maintaining programs that highlight the pivotal role of education in building resilient and equitable societies, including the Global Citizenship Program and the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change.  He also held the positions of Head of Programs at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna, and of senior officer at the secretariat of the German Higher Education and Science Council (Wissenschaftsrat). After earning a doctorate in German literature at Düsseldorf University, Germany, he was a lecturer at Cambridge University and Ljubljana University, and a visiting scholar at various universities and colleges in the United States including Smith College in Northampton, MA, San JoState University, CA, Bronx Community College, NY, and Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. He has worked in more than twenty countries on behalf of national and international organizations and has published widely on various topics related to higher education policy and global civil society.     


astrid-schroederAstrid Schroeder – Chief Operating Officer

Prior to joining the GCA, Astrid was a Program Director for the Global Citizenship Program (GCP) at Salzburg Global Seminar, where she had focused on the GCP student sessions, program development and relationship building. Before joining Salzburg Global in 1997, Astrid was administrator for the department of MultiMediaArt at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Technologies. During her studies in Berlin, she received a scholarship to the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis where she mainly took classes in United States history, American and African-American literature and theater. Originally from Germany, she holds an M.A. in North American studies, modern history, and theater arts from the Free University of Berlin’s John F. Kennedy Institute.

Independent Contractors

Dax_newMichael Daxner – Director of Research

Michael is professor of sociology and president emeritus of the University of Oldenburg. He is the former president of the Magna Charta Observatory of Fundamental University Values and Rights. In 1986, he  began his service as president of the Carl-von-Ossietzky University in Oldenburg, where he served two terms. In 2002 he became special counselor to the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) office in Belgrade. From 2003 to 2004, he was engaged in Afghan higher education reform as commissioned by the German Rectors and German Academic Exchange on behalf of the German Foreign Office and served as an expert on Southeast European education as a counselor with the Austrian Ministry of Science and Education. He holds a Ph.D. in education from the University of Vienna. Michael has attended several Salzburg Global Seminar programs and serves as teaching faculty of the Global Citizenship Alliance, for both Student and Faculty and Administrator programs.


david-goldmanDavid Goldman – Director, Program Development

David previously served as the Associate Director of Education at Salzburg Global and his work with the Global Citizenship Program, which he had co-developed since its inception in 2004, focused on working with students, faculty, and administrators from a wide variety of partner colleges and universities. He also is Program Co-Manager of the Mellon-Global Citizenship Program at the Salzburg Global Seminar. David’s higher education policy work focuses on educational access, relevance, and success particularly for students from disadvantaged and marginalized communities. A historian by training, his research interests include global studies, Holocaust memory and education, and African studies. David received a B.A. in history and African studies from Colorado College in Colorado Springs, USA and an M.A. in history from the University of Salzburg, Austria.


AliceAlice Seeger – Independent Contractor / General Counsel / Assistant Secretary

Alice is an attorney who focuses her practice on representing small businesses and nonprofit organizations on a wide variety of issues, and businesses and individuals on succession and estate planning issues.  She earned her B.B.A. (with honors) from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1984.  After graduation, she worked for IBM for a few years before heading to the University of Texas, School of Law in Austin.  Alice was awarded her Juris Doctorate (with honors) in 1989, and inducted into the Order of the Coif.  She has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Community Transitional School (CTS) since 2010.  CTS is a nonprofit private school in Portland for children pre-kindergarten through 8th grade whose families are either homeless or in transitional housing.  Since 2012, Alice has held the office of Secretary of the CTS Board of Directors and has been an active member of its Executive Committee.


Adam_finalAdam Beeson – Community and Outreach Coordinator

Based in the United States, Adam is responsible for connecting GCA alumni across the global network while supporting program activities and development. He is an alumnus of the Global Citizenship Program and also served in a number of roles for the Salzburg Global Seminar, including assistant to the president and adjunct program associate for the Global Citizenship Program. Adam has taught at international secondary schools in Austria and Costa Rica, where he developed the Global Citizenship Certificate program at New Summit Academy and facilitated student expeditions across Central America. He currently manages academic affairs in the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina. Adam received his M.A. in International Education from the University of Bath (United Kingdom) and a B.A. in English from Brevard College (USA). He holds an International Teacher Certificate from the European Council of International Schools as well as professional certifications from the Wilderness Medicine Institute at the National Outdoor Leadership School.


Andrea_finalAndrea Lopez Portillo – Creative Producer

Andrea adds creative value to different corners of the organization such as online and offline engagement strategies, marketing products, photography and coordination of guest bloggers. She is currently based in Costa Rica working as an integrated arts and enrichment teacher at New Summit Academy Costa Rica, a therapeutic boarding school, and as the Central America Local Correspondent for Insight on Conflict, a platform that maps peacebuilding efforts around the world, run by Peace Direct; she also teaches media literacy online and creates collaborative art projects that aim at conflict transformation. Andrea was also involved with the Salzburg Global Seminar in a number of roles since 2008, including alumna of the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change, communications program associate, and community and outreach coordinator for the Global Citizenship Program. She holds a B.A. in communication from Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico) and an M.A. in media, peace and conflict studies from United Nations mandated University for Peace (Costa Rica).


News and Views

2019 Global Conference on Teacher Education for Education for Sustainable Development

This conference will bring together ESD and GCED experts with policy makers, teacher educators and other practitioners in education to explore, discuss, and develop locally relevant strategies to systemically implement Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Global Citizenship Education (GCED) as called for in Sustainable Development Goal 4.7, the Global Education 2030 Agenda and other UN policies that our nations have agreed to carry out between 2020 and 2030.  The conference will be the first global meeting to recognize the goals and the designated framework entitled ‘Education for Sustainable Development: Towards achieving the SDGs (ESD for 2030) being launched in June 2020 in Berlin, Germany. The conference will focus on the role of embedding ESD and GCED within formal education systems, seeking existing successful practices and identifying their potential for policy reform and other education legislations. Special interest groups will focus on aspects such as: Embedding ESD and GCED in elementary and secondary education, Online teaching approaches engaging and accessing those in remote or underserved regions, ESD as a potential to enhance education and training systems for Indigenous youth, ESD and GCED in early childhood care and education. For further information on the call for papers and free registration, please see the  _FINAL Flyer_2019 Global Conference

Lazarus and Liberty

Core faculty and long-time friend and supporter of the Global Citizenship Alliance, Peter Rose, published an article in the Massachusetts Review in response to the recent discussions about Emma Lazarus' poem "The New Colossus" hanging on a bronze plaque inside the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. In Peter's words, "To say that Lazarus would be appalled at the mockery made of her sonnet—and, implicitly, of all those who found her words encouraging—by Donald Trump’s Acting Commissioner of Immigration, Ken Cuccinelli, would be an understatement. Like her sonnet, Emma Lazarus was herself a Colossus, a true American giant in comparison to the xenophobic Lilliputians in today’s Washington." massreview