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Dates & Registration

If your college or university is interested in participating in a Global Citizenship Seminar (GCS), please write to or Astrid Schroeder for more information.


2016 Global Citizenship Seminars for Students

The student seminars focus on a similar mix of substantive topics in a variety of instructional formats, including experiential learning during a field trip to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site in neighboring Germany. These seminars also include intensive small group project work designed to develop the habits of the mind and the heart to think critically and strategically about how students can act as global citizens on their campuses, in their communities, and in their future educational and professional careers.

GCP69_students6GCS 1: February 25 to March 3 Schloss Leopoldskron

GCS 2: April 23 to 30 Schlosswirt Anif

GCS 3: May 22 to 29 Schloss Leopoldskron

GCS 4: May 31 to June 7 Schlosswirt Anif

GCS 5: June 9 to 16 Schloss Leopoldskron


2016 Global Citizenship Seminars for Faculty & Administrators

Our goal is to transform colleges and universities into “sites of global citizenship” where all activities – from student to faculty learning, teaching, and research, to institutional policies, structures and infrastructures – are oriented towards preparing graduates to be responsible global citizens. These seminars examine a diverse set of substantive topics, explore strategies for institutional change, and create a framework for participating institutional teams to design global education initiatives and implementation plans specific to their own institutions.

GCP64_fac_adminGCS 6: July 2 to 9 (venue tbd)

GCS 7: July 10 to 17 (venue tbd)







At present, tuition is $1,900 for students, $1,250 for faculty accompanying students to the student seminars, and $2,500 for those attending the faculty and administrators seminars. These fees include all program fees as well as full room and board for the duration of the seminar.


News and Views

2019 Global Conference on Teacher Education for Education for Sustainable Development

This conference will bring together ESD and GCED experts with policy makers, teacher educators and other practitioners in education to explore, discuss, and develop locally relevant strategies to systemically implement Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Global Citizenship Education (GCED) as called for in Sustainable Development Goal 4.7, the Global Education 2030 Agenda and other UN policies that our nations have agreed to carry out between 2020 and 2030.  The conference will be the first global meeting to recognize the goals and the designated framework entitled ‘Education for Sustainable Development: Towards achieving the SDGs (ESD for 2030) being launched in June 2020 in Berlin, Germany. The conference will focus on the role of embedding ESD and GCED within formal education systems, seeking existing successful practices and identifying their potential for policy reform and other education legislations. Special interest groups will focus on aspects such as: Embedding ESD and GCED in elementary and secondary education, Online teaching approaches engaging and accessing those in remote or underserved regions, ESD as a potential to enhance education and training systems for Indigenous youth, ESD and GCED in early childhood care and education. For further information on the call for papers and free registration, please see the  _FINAL Flyer_2019 Global Conference