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Faculty & Administrators

Global Citizenship Seminar 18
July 6 to 13, 2018
Potsdam, Germany


Global Citizenship Seminar 19
July 14 to 21, 2018
Potsdam, Germany


Our goal is to transform colleges and universities into “sites of global citizenship” where all activities – from student to faculty learning, teaching, and research, to institutional policies, structures and infrastructures – are oriented towards preparing graduates to be responsible global citizens. The seminars for faculty and administrators examine a diverse set of substantive topics, explore strategies for institutional change, and create a framework for participating institutional teams to design global education initiatives and implementation plans specific to their own institutions.




General Information

The general information can be downloaded in early 2018.


Schedule & Program

The schedule will be finalized in the coming weeks, but a draft version can be downloaded in early 2018.

The seminar description can be downloaded in early 2018.



A list of confirmed speakers can be downloaded in early 2018.


Fees & Tuition

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