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General Information

The team of the Global Citizenship Alliance (Alliance) added a new location for convening their participants – Potsdam is the capital of Brandenburg, Germany, and is located right outside Berlin – approximately a 20-30 minute train ride away. It is a city the size of Salzburg, surrounded by the waters of the Havel river and very rich in history. Situated in former East Germany, it combines baroque grandeur and its more recent past. One of its legacies is Prussia’s Frederick the Great and his beautiful palace Sanssouci with its famous gardens, but it is also famous for its film studios located in Potsdam Babelsberg, which were the rival of Hollywood in the early days of movie history and where today many famous movie directors shoot their films – e.g. Spielberg (Bridge of Spies) and Tarantino. In addition, Potsdam is also a city of science with a lot of world class research institutions based there, like the Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research. We are positive that the participants this summer will be enchanted by the beauty and historic splendor of the location. Participants will be housed in the Mercure Hotel Potsdam City across the street from the Old Market on the banks of the Havel river, right by the boat docks.

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