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Sole Hope: Campus Denim Drive for 3 Weeks

By: Astrid Schröder | February 6, 2017

Global Citizenship Alliance alumna Shani Suber, English faculty technology coach at North Lake College of the Dallas County Community College District, completed a project after attending the GCA’s Faculty & Administrators Program last summer in Potsdam, Germany. Upon her return, she decided to try the Sole Hope Project – with the support of Candace Eldridge, Adrianne Settles, Global Citizenship Committee, NLC Student Life, NLC Marketing, and NLC International Department.*

Faculty and students collected over 300 pairs of jeans on campus and made 370 pairs of shoe patterns. Through the involvement of more than 200 students and employee volunteers, 240.5 pounds of denim scraps were sent to Blue Jeans Go Green to make insulation for homes.

Sole Hope

*They were instrumental in assisting and completing the project with Shani over countless hours