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Alliance Partners

Our Partner institutions and Alumni represent the broadest possible spectrum of U.S. higher Education. For the Alliance, two Features of our community stand out: diversity and inclusion.

Our participants come from some of the largest urban community colleges and some of the smallest rural liberal arts colleges in the U.S.; from typical public universities and private institutions. An engineering or biology student might sit and learn next to someone studying social work or nursing; a dean of a business school next to an adjunct professor from the music department, an LGBTQ activist next to a climate change skeptic. It takes the knowledge and involvement of all of these individuals to transform colleges and universities into sites of global citizenship education. Cross-national, cross-campus, inter-disciplinary engagement is critical to success.

From the beginning, community colleges have been a driving force within the Alliance (overall, more than half of the total number of participants in the Alliance’s programs came via community colleges). By bringing the very best and brightest of their students to an academically rigorous program, community colleges add an enormous wealth of diversity to our seminars which enriches the exploration of the multiple dimensions of global citizenship. Discussions change when they include the voices and perspectives of “Dreamers”, minorities, socio-economically disadvantaged students, veterans, students who are parents or who both study and work full-time. Thanks to the ongoing strong commitment of community colleges to the Alliance, it is not unusual for a seminar to include participants from over ten different countries who often bear witness to the impact of rapid globalization from the viewpont of developing or emerging economies.

Participating Universities and Colleges Between 2012-2019

Austin Community College, Austin, TX

Bennett College, Greensboro, NC

Bronx Community College, Bronx, NY

California State University, Fullerton, CA

Casper College, Casper, WY

Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI

Chicago State University, Chicago, IL

Dallas County Community College District, Dallas, TX

Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY

Ferrum College, Ferrum, VA

Houston Community College System, Houston, TX

King University, Bristol, TN

Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, NY

Leigh High School, San José, CA

Louisiana Community and Technical College System, Baton Rouge, LA

Miami Dade College, Miami, FL

Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY

Murray State University, Murray, KY

Queensborough Community College, Bayside, NY

San Diego Community College District, San Diego, CA

San José City College, San José, CA

San José State University, San José, CA

Seminole State College, Sanford, FL

St. Mark’s School, Southborough, MA

Tarrant County College District, Fort Worth, TX

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

Trident Technical College, North Charleston, SC

University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX

University of California Bakersfield, Bakersfield, CA

University of California, San Francisco, CA

University of Guelph-Humber, Toronto, Canada

University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN

University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

West Valley College, Saratoga, CA

West Virginia Wesleyan College, Buckhannon, WV


News and Views

Homeland Earth - A Campaign to Promote Planetary Awareness

"(T)he globalisation push of the last decades has connected all people on all continents and of all nations in a complex way and brought them into an indissoluble relationship with each other. Thus, whether we like it or not, an earthly community of destiny has come into being. (…) But many people and nations lack awareness of this earthly community of destiny. Especially in times of crisis, every nation retreats into itself and seeks its salvation in national solo efforts (…)" "What we need is a worldwide public opinion that represents a planetary awareness and is strong enough to influence the policies of states and international bodies in this direction (…) we must also develop the awareness that we are citizens of Homeland Earth and act accordingly. This is the idea of our international campaign "Homeland Earth." Heimatland Erde | ASPR The Global Citizenship Alliance supports this Heimatland Erde (Homeland Earth) campaign of The Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR), which was founded in 1982. The GCA encourages all of its partner institutions and alumni to familiarize themselves with the campaign for Homeland Earth and to consider supporting it by signing the appeal for this campaign, disseminating its manifesto and participating in events related to the campaign.