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Impact Stories

Chris Migliaccio

In 2006 during my seventeenth year on the Natural Science faculty at Miami Dade College and after teaching for the first three years of our Honors College, I was selected to attend the Global Citizenship Seminar and serve as our delegation’s Lead Faculty Advisor. That meant I would be working closely with the GCA (then Salzburg Global Seminar) administration in planning many of the curricular and logistical aspects of this Seminar. Little did I know then that this would be the start of a long personal and professional friendship as well as a life changing experience. Read more


Mary Okin

I participated in a session of the Salzburg Global Seminar through San José State University, in what was then the SJSU Salzburg Scholars Program.

Initially, I admit I had some skepticism and cynicism about what the experience may be like, but it truly transformed my life and my worldview. Upon departure, I had just completed my first year of graduate study in the Art History and Visual Culture program at San José State. Read more



Lavar Thomas

In 2010 as a Kingsborough Community College participant, I could not fathom the possibilities that would have unfolded as a result of the Global Citizenship Program. Having participated in my high school’s student exchange program, the GCP was the first time I was challenged to think about global issues in a way that led me to want to be a part of its solutions. Read more

This talk by Lavar was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community TEDxCUNY



Lauren Moore

It is difficult to describe the impact the Global Citizenship Program had on my life in a few short paragraphs, as it was one of the best, most influential experiences I have ever known. My GCP experience continues to motivate me and remind me of my responsibility as a global citizen: a responsibility to care about the world and to do my part promoting positive change and humanism. Read more




Adam Beeson

When discussing life experiences that led him to the political path, Nelson Mandela writes that he encountered no grand epiphany, but that he “simply found [himself] doing so, and could not do otherwise.” When I was twenty years old, I found myself doing so. Perhaps it was the physical relocation from my home in western North Carolina to the foothills of the Austrian Alps that unlocked space for my doing to commence. Read more