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Becoming Involved

Our programs are open to any college or university which commits to:

  • bringing students to our student seminars
  • sending faculty/administrators to our faculty programs
  • working with us to develop more tailored local programs, such as workshops or short seminars focusing on specific institutional needs
  • or any combination of the above

Some institutions focus initially or solely on the institutional/faculty development aspect while others see Alliance programs as primarily an opportunity for student learning and travel.

It is possible to become involved with the Alliance by initially sending a smaller number of students or faculty/administrators to one of our programs in order to get a sense of our work and ascertain if and how a deeper partnership and larger commitment might be possible and beneficial.



Costs of participation* (as of 2018)

  • US$1,900 per person for student seminars and US$1,400 per faculty advisor accompanying a student group
  • US$2,500 per person for faculty seminars