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Special Seminars & Workshops

As part of its expanded activities, the Global Citizenship Alliance (GCA) offers a variety of special seminars and workshops for institutions and organizations seeking to strengthen their global citizenship activities. The GCA is available to develop and implement focused seminars designed to meet the specific needs of our partners by utilizing the expertise of its own team and by drawing upon our broad network of thought leaders and experts in the field of global citizenship education.

Special seminars may address the broader themes of global citizenship from specific disciplinary perspectives, vary in length, and may be held at venues ‘closer to home’ in order to reduce travel and/or related costs.

Because these programs are intended to be developed in close consultation with partner institutions, the exact formats and topics of the special seminars will vary. Below you can find more information about different options that we are prepared to offer and co-develop. If you would like more information or are interested in working with us to design a Special seminar or workshop, please contact David Goldman

Special Seminars

Local and US-Based Seminars

The costs of international travel can be prohibitive to involving larger numbers of students, faculty, staff and administrators in programs abroad. Global citizenship education does not require crossing international borders. It can be achieved by crossing and expanding ‘borders at home.’ Thus we are pleased to offer the opportunity to implement global citizenship seminars domestically. These programs will usually be based on formats and topics of our general seminars for students and faculty/administrators. However, arrangements for venues and logistics will be handled by the partner institutions. As with our general seminars, we can make every effort to tailor these special seminars to meet the needs of those involved in terms of thematic focus, program activities, speakers, etc. This is a great way to expand global citizenship education efforts by involving more people in a more affordable way.

Molloy_students“Taster” Seminars

A good way for an institution to familiarize itself with the program prior to joining the pool of Alliance Partners is a global citizenship “light”  or “taster” seminar. These programs are short 3-4 day versions of our general seminars for students that enable potential partners to gain first hand experience by participating in the program in a cost efficient way, e.g. by combining an already existing travel abroad program to Europe with the content of a global citizenship seminar. Some of our current Alliance Partners have attended a “taster” seminar before sending students to our regular program.


Thematic Seminars

Thematic seminars are intended to address the broad issues of global citizenship from specific disciplinary or cross-disciplinary perspectives. For example, a seminar may bring together students and professors from business schools or teacher training programs to develop innovative strategies for incorporating a more comprehensive global citizenship focus in their teaching and learning. Other seminars may be organized for graduate students seeking to gain more in-depth knowledge about global citizenship within a certain discipline. An additional type of thematic seminar may include working with existing regional or national groups and organizations seeking to strengthen existing and shape new approaches to certain aspects of global citizenship education. We are actively seeking to explore new thematic approaches with interested partners.


Institutions or groups of institutions can work with the GCA to hold short 1-3 day workshops at or near their home campuses. Workshops can either take the form of training and informational seminars, from how to develop and implement aspects of global citizenship education to creative thinking and brainstorming seminars in order to examine new ideas and institutional approaches to global citizenship education. Workshop topics may include, but are not limited to, faculty development for pedagogy or curriculum enhancement; integration of institutional approaches to global citizenship education from curricular, co-curricular and institutional activities; assessment and evaluation; and strategic planning.

Although these types of workshops tend to attract and focus on college and university faculty, administrators and staff, we welcome and encourage ideas for workshops with and for students or other campus and community stakeholders.


News and Views

Homeland Earth - A Campaign to Promote Planetary Awareness

"(T)he globalisation push of the last decades has connected all people on all continents and of all nations in a complex way and brought them into an indissoluble relationship with each other. Thus, whether we like it or not, an earthly community of destiny has come into being. (…) But many people and nations lack awareness of this earthly community of destiny. Especially in times of crisis, every nation retreats into itself and seeks its salvation in national solo efforts (…)" "What we need is a worldwide public opinion that represents a planetary awareness and is strong enough to influence the policies of states and international bodies in this direction (…) we must also develop the awareness that we are citizens of Homeland Earth and act accordingly. This is the idea of our international campaign "Homeland Earth." Heimatland Erde | ASPR The Global Citizenship Alliance supports this Heimatland Erde (Homeland Earth) campaign of The Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR), which was founded in 1982. The GCA encourages all of its partner institutions and alumni to familiarize themselves with the campaign for Homeland Earth and to consider supporting it by signing the appeal for this campaign, disseminating its manifesto and participating in events related to the campaign.